Pocessing and distribution of fish and fish products.

The factory

When building the factory, we learnt from the experience of the French factory LA POSSIONERY, located on the outskirts of Saint-Tropez, France.
The factory meets standards that are not yet mandatory in Bulgaria.

We invested in high-end materials.
The walls are made of panels with special "food safe" coverage.
SIKA materials are used to build the floor.

All items, including machines, tables, sinks, buffers, interior fittings, interior equipment, are made of stainless steel IS304.

We have two refrigerated vehicles certified by the Food Safety Agency and a refrigerated vehicle for the ABP.
Our cooling equipment is COPELAND and RIVACOLD.
The line of intake to shipment of the product is under controlled temperature - 12 degrees Celsius.
The entry and exit loading ramps are 2000 to 2500m.
External handling equipment - wheel fork-lift.
5 + refrigerators, each with a capacity of 210 cubic meters.
Defrost-chamber with a volume of 30 cubic meters.
Freezing chambers with a volume of 100 cubic meters.
The pass-through mode between the sanitary facilities/common areas and working premises has an automatic filter.